During a one-week workshop with 5 other students we addressed the theme of “transportation on the Loire” (biggest french river). We imagined to give a central place for pedestrians in an alternate traffic on the Loire. Thanks to a “ring”, a sort of floating pontoon on the Loire which encircles the island of Nantes, the pedestrian can wander and live to the rhythm of the river. Impacting a minimum on the environment, this pontoon is using the existing bridges as attachment points and to access to the ring. 
Thanks to this project we won the Jury Award of the Creative camp 2014 and 1000 euros each.

I took part of the creation of this compact lounge chair during my internship at Michael Sodeau Studio for Modus 2014

Designjunction 2014 Milan , Modus

Observations : The vast majority of LED lights are simply copying the fixtures conventional bulb.
Problematic : How to offer, to the LED, its own «design identity» as domestic lighting?
Research :

Product :

Workshop: create, in a week, a shoe and a bag on a theme drawn. 
The six themes:1 - Hot / cold2 - Indoor / Outdoor3 - Day / Night4 - Personal / Pro5 - Sun / Rain6 - Slow / Fast 
Our theme: Slow / Fast
Supervised by : 
-Guillaume Salmon : shoes designer at NEWFEEL-Alexandre Guillon : bag designer at NEWFEEL-Julie Pfligersdorffer : product designer

BAG Trophies “Métiers à l’affiche” 2013

 Trophies for the 2013 edition of the festival “Métiers à l’affiche” (Trade show) organized every year in Nantes.
The green color was intended by the organizers of the festival because Nantes was elected the eurpean green capital in 2013.We proposed the emerald green because it is the color of the year 2013. Bonzini B.Lambert

Table soccer done in 2013 just for fun. Tools to help gardener

Optimize transport and storage of the tools of professional gardening work (during transport and in the storage building of the gardener)  

Off school project done in January 2013

Participation in the international design contest organized by the “Lunetiers du Jura" which is a professional organization of opticians. The topic of the contest was to design a pair of glasses, for the elderly or for children.
With an other student we designed this pair of children glasses.
The centerpiece of the pair (here in blue) is made out of silicone. Orange parts are made โ€‹โ€‹of injected polypropylene. Two arms, act as reinforcement to strengthen silicone branches. The other two pieces of polypropylene are used for the frame. The whole unit is embedded in the main piece of silicone.
There are no hinges to avoid children breaking them. The silicone, which is flexible, acts as a hinge.  
School project (Dec 2012/Jan 2013)
The origin of the concept was to position oneself on a market segment hitherto untapped: the personal pedal boat.
Pedaroof is made mostly using rotomolding.
Composed of two floats, a seat, pedals, a rudder, a mill, a wheel and a handle for easy transport. This pedal boat can be fully dismantled by the user. This uncommon feature allows the two floats assembling to form a roof box in which you place all removed parts from the pedal boat. Table knife / Couteau de table Morta
Winner of the contest “Design-moi un couteau” (Design me a knife)

Maxime Le Ruyet, Baptiste Lambert, Robin Manigrasso-Levasseur, Guillaume Bonnin. 

The purpose of the contest organized by the “Atelier JHP”, Morta pocket knives creator, was to design a table knife. The “Atelier JHP” only designed pocket knives before.

We studied the knives of the brand to identify the senses which emanates. We did this to create a table knife that makes sense for users of Morta pocket knives and to feel its identity.

The rest of our creation is therefore based on what we deducted from this study.

We won the contest, so 500 euros which was in games.

Claude lamp
Lamp made during a one-week workshop organized by the school in 2012, supervised by designers Gregory Parsy & Erwan Mevel.Materials: the Tivek
Identity : Do the function and the material create the shape ?Use: light or modular objectTechnique: Folding, cutting, riveting, stapling etc … in sheets of Tyvek, white and colored.  
Trophies “Métiers à l’affiche”
Off school project, 8 trophies done in 2011/2012, in molded resin.
Creation of new trophies for the festival “Métiers à l’affiche” (Trade show) organized every year in Nantes by the association “Entreprise dans la cité" (Business in the city).      
Lamp Foam
Lamp made in December 2011 during a one-week workshop in collaboration with the Association Ecorev. Surrounded by the designers Alban Lehenry and Vincent Vandenbrouk.This association aims to promote reuse and recycling.
The purpose of this workshop was to create a piece of furniture from objects considered to be waste that we collected in the warehouse at ECOREV.  

Espresso machine
School project conducted in 2011.
Creation of a domestic appliance product, espresso mahine here, in a retro-futuristic spirit according to the codes of Dieter Rams when he worked at Braun company.